Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This Warm December

Hello Friends,
It's cold outside, but our little house is warm. Hot cocoa and Christmas oats begin every blustery day and I find myself cherishing every little day we spend together.

Aiden, Evie, and Daddy have picked and cut down the perfect tree, our first Leyland Cypress, we're officially South Carolinians now.

An angel Aiden says is Mommy rests crookedly on top of our little tree. We've decorated it with all the ornaments we've collected over the years.

And a few new ones this year to commemorate the new milestones in our lives.

The stockings are hung on the shelf with care. We're still waiting on Evie's, but I have an idea of how to make a very special one.

We've visited Christmas fairs, polished up our crafting skills,
and wrapped a few presents to tuck under the tree.
One of which holds this:

Evie's first dollie. My friends Jenn, Jenny, and I spent a sweet Tuesday sipping coffee, munching brownies, nursing our babies, and making these soft, huggable sweater babies out of reclaimed, felted wool. A matching hat for Evie to wear is on the way, as well as a few little things for the loved ones in our life.

My old felt Nativity block set is on display. I had hopes of refurbishing it this year, but Aiden won't give it up long enough for the hot glue to dry. I have a new appreciation for my Nanny who made it for me almost 25 years ago.

Christmas carols ring through our house and Aiden has found a new favorite, which we listen to several times a day.

Even now as I write, the tree is twinkling, Evie is snuggled up in my lap, Aiden is turning up the radio and dancing with a jingle bell, and a mug of hot coffee sits beside me. I need to get back to enjoying my little ones and cherishing this holiday season. I hope this Christmas finds you each as joyful and blessed as I feel right now.