Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Mother's Heart

The precious ache of a memory,

Yesterday’s face has died for me.

Each day you’re born again brand new.

There’s a sweet pain in my heart for you.

Gone from us are your early days.

Fragile moments, seeped away.

My summer thoughts they pool inside

And forever slumber in my mind.

My babies two are trapped as one.

At three feet tall, your life’s begun.

Dark amber curls replace the old

Honeysuckle wisps of angel’s gold.

Your moments of life I cannot grasp,

They trickle through my hands so fast.

But for comfort when our road does part,

I will hold them in my mother’s heart.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aiden wears Britty pajamas...

Yesterday, my parents and I brought the kids to Montreat, NC to visit my sister at college. Here are some highlights from our trip, according to Aiden:

"Britty, are you mommy's sister?" he asked as we pulled up to her dorm and she crawled into the car to sit on my lap because we were already pretty piled in. He then burst into the song "Lovely, Love My Family" by The Roots and made everyone sing. I'll give you a second to form a visual of this...

Britty knows the best song about Hermie the Wormie and how he ate "his car... his sandal... his other sandal... his house... his neighbor's house... and BURPS".

When we visit Britty, Aiden gets to eat a "BIG" pizza all by himself!

The ironworks store was disappointing because he did not figure out how an iron works, and that left him with a lot of questions...

The kitchen store was fun, after collecting everything he could reach in his shopping basket, he realized he had grabbed a "a brush to wash Domingo!" (a vegetable brush). Grandad could not say no and bought it... daddy will be so happy.

Aiden thinks Britty lives in the coolest "house" because she has "rocks in her walls". (Upon visiting her dorm and discovering the huge stone wall in the common room).

She also has a fort under her bed (lofted bed) and gets to eat pizza in her room and pour her water all by herself!

On our walk, we visited Lake Susan where Aiden was thrilled to see kayakers paddling around.

At Ten Thousand Villages, Mimi let him pick out a brand new "Pew Kitty" (puppet) to bring to church.

Best of all, Britty has a playground and when he goes to visit it her, he tells her "it's all mine and yours."

We love visiting Britty and I think we all teared up a little when she leaned into the car to hug him goodbye and he clung to neck and desperately pleaded "Britty, you can come with us!"

It's Britty's last year at Montreat and we're going to miss our "National Lampoon's Mountain Vacations". To think when we visited her the very first time, Aiden was only a tiny toddler who needed help going down the slide on her playground. I hope Aiden has a thousand magical memories of his cool Aunt Britt Britt's home in Montreat.