Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st Day of "School"

Yesterday was our fist day of homeschooling. I think it went pretty well. We started by referring to the schedule that we made last week so that Aiden would know what staying at home would be like. He named it "Our Day of Home".

Aiden, Evie, and I made drawings to remind us what each activity meant. 

After having breakfast and getting dressed, we lit our special circle time candle. This is Aiden's favorite part.

We had two copies of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit", our story for the week. Aiden asked if we could read them together, so we did a read-along. In the middle of the story, he exclaimed "You're teaching me how to read, Mommy!"

After circle time, we did our main lesson. To remember the letter "A", we drew the gate Peter Rabbit squeezed under in Mr. McGregor's garden. We used "gate" because of he long "A" sound. While we worked, Evie colored in her high chair and looked a a board book.

Here is my gate and Aiden's, he focused mostly on making his a "very purple gate". 

After the main lesson, the kids had had enough of me and wanted to play by themselves for a while.

After a while, Aiden wanted me to help him build a house.

Then it was snack time. Eating watermelon went along with our Science lesson for the week, which was observing all the sights, smells, and noises of summer. We talked about all the wonderful things about watermelon so that we could remember it in the winter.

After snack, Aiden washed all the dishes from our morning. Evie helped.

We played "Find Peter Rabbit".

Guess who found him!

After lunch, we rested then went to Aiden's school to bring cupcakes and say goodbye to his friends there. Fortunately, we will be having playdates with some of his favorite friends.

It was a pretty good day.

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